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UGA Cooperative Extension

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Southern Region Stormwater Resources

This site was developed in cooperation with Land Grant Universities, and the Southern Regional Water Program. The objective of site is to link people to information that can be used to reduce the impacts of runoff through storage, evapotranspiration, and infiltration, so that the hydrology and water quality of developed landscapes mimic pre-developed conditions. This site provides practical information on landscape practices that can be used to maintain flow, habitat and water quality of streams in developing watersheds.

Rain Gardens / Bioretention Cells

Rainwater Harvesting

Constructed Wetlands

Green Roofs

Level Spreaders


Stormwater Management Manuals

Stormwater Tools

  1. Watershed/Development Worksheets
    1. Impervious-Based Worksheet (xls)
    2. Curve Number-Based Worksheet (xls)
    3. Coastal Supplement Worksheet (xls)
    4. Stormwater Quality Site Development Review Tool (xls)
  2. Other Models
    1. Win TR55 (NRCS hydrology model)
    2. STEPL EPA Spreadsheet tool for pollutant load estimation (pdf)
    3. Stormwater Quality Site Development Review Tool (xls)

Other Stormwater, Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development Resources

2012 Georgia Stormwater Management Workshop

Workshop Stormwater Tools

  1. Water Quality Volume Calculator (xls)
  2. Impervious-Based infiltraton BMP worksheet (xls)
  3. Blue Book Spreadsheet (xls)
  4. Coastal Supplement Spreadsheet (xls)
  5. Impervious-Based Raingarden BMP worksheet (xls)
  6. Impervious-Based Wetland BMP worksheet (xls)
  7. Win TR55 (NRCS hydrology model)
  8. STEPL EPA Spreadsheet tool for pollutant load estimation (pdf)



Need for stormwater management (PPt)

Rain garden overview (ppt)




Questions and Comments can be directed to:

Frank Henning, Region IV EPA - Land Grant Universities Liaison



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